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  • Great site organized into the categories listed below; in each category, once you click on a movie, you have access to trailers, reviews ["Kritik"], info about whether/where you can see it in theaters ["im Kino"] etc.
    • Filmtipps ==> "Filme entdecken" [=discover] lets you browse for movies; "Schnelltest" asks you to rate a selection of movies, then suggests movies you may like
    • Programm ==> Find out what's in theaters, on TV, on DVD, or available "on demand" through the site (you would pay by credit card; I doubt that this would work from the US, however)
    • News ==> Browse the "Überblick" [=overview] of current "movie-news," or try the "Quizze" or "Gewinnspiele" [=contests]. In the latter category, you typically email in a response to a question in order to win a prize; again, I doubt you'd be eligible if you enter from the U.S.
  • Internet Movie Database--Deutsche Filme Hier können Sie Informationen über die deutschen Filme im Internet Movie Database finden.  Homepage des Internet Movie Database Hier können Sie englische Informationen über viele deutsche Filme finden.
  • German movie trailers A regularly updated selection of German-language movie trailers.
  •'s German Movie Guide A guide to recent releases and German movie classics
  • "Kino-, Video- und Fernsehhighlights - übersichtlich [=clearl and well-organized] und aktuell [=current, up-to-date]!!"  The info provided here includes links to a selection of current movie trailers.  For each trailer, you can see if it is the "deutsche Version" or "englische Version."
  • Kinopolis Huge site with reviews of lots of movies and tons of other info.
  • kabeleins Filmlexikon Searchable database with reviews and actor/director info for 30,000 German and international films
  • A - Z. Das Kinofilm Lexikon. Kurze Infos zu hunderten von Filmen.  Part of a site devoted to the city of Cologne.
  • CineGraph Umfassende [=comprehensive] Site über den deutschen Film.  Es gibt zum Beispiel ein Filmlexikon, und Links zu den Drehbüchern [=scripts] von einigen deutschen Filmen.
  • "Film Pressespiegel": summarizes the most important German reviews of new (==> Neustarts) and older (==> Vorwochen) movies, and includes direct links to the reviews being summarized.
  • Kölner Kinoprogramm Current list of what's showing in Cologne.  Click on one of the featured movies for more info, or on "Alle Filme heute von A-Z" to see everything that's currently showing somewhere in Cologne.
  • Marlene Dietrich bei


Online Magazines Devoted to Movies

Deutsche Filmwebseiten

  • Info about recently released German movies, as well as an archive of German movies from the last several years.
  • Soul Kitchen (2009) Comedy by Fatih Akin, set in Hamburg
  • Friendship (2009) Comedy about two friends from former East Germany who want to go to San Francisco after the Fall of the Wall - but they don't speak English, and only have enough money to fly to New York City.
  • Das weiße Band (2009) Strange events happen in a small village in the north of Germany during the years just before World War I, which seem to be ritual punishment. The abused and suppressed children of the villagers seem to be at the heart of this mystery.
  • Das Leben der Anderen (2006) Winner of the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. About state surveillance methods in former East Germany. Link takes you to a review of various movies from tha year; Das Leben der Anderen is number 5.
  • Die Fälscher (2007) Winner of the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. asdada
  • Nirgendwo in Afrika This film by Caroline Link won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2003. Link takes you to the review.
  • Good bye Lenin! Very successful, witty and entertaining 2003 movie with a great premise: a young man is arrested for protesting against the East german government shortly before the fall of the wall. His mother sees the police arrest him, suffers a heart attack and falls into a coma. When she awakes, the wall is gone, but her frail health makes it dangerous for her to get this kind of shocking news--so the son tries to hide it for her by making everything in their flat seem as if the GDR still existed....
  • Bandits Sort of a German Thelma and Louise.

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