The Last Video Store
LSA Professor Daniel Herbert took a road trip to learn about the people who work in small-town video stores—before those stores disappear.

Art with Strings Attached
An LSA Ph.D. student studies how little puppets can be used to tell big stories in Kazakhstan and around the world.

Pillow Talk
The dust mite: a tiny bug that travels the globe by clinging to your carry-on bag. One LSA researcher wants to figure out how mites migrate and predict the allergic reactions they cause.

Aural Fixation
LSA Ph.D. student Pascal Massinon uncovers how reclusive New Yorker Tony Schwartz became a recording pioneer.

Working Out Why We Don't Exercise
Alumna Michelle Segar spent the last 20 years refining a program to help people actually stick with their exercise plans, and she hopes her new book will encourage even more to go the distance.

Paws Between Words
An LSA professor's furry research partner is helping her change how we think about what language is—and who really uses it.

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